My name is Kilian von Berlichingen, I am an art enthusiast and collector. “Creativity takes courage” Henry Matisse once said, so I started my art collection at the age of 17 by buying an Islamic artwork at the Art Dubai fair. Since then, visiting art fairs, galleries, and museums has become a huge part of my life, which led me to start this project out of love for art.

Sadly, our European young generation lacks art & cultural knowledge. Statistics prove that museum visits have decreased in the last years. In addition to that, the art elite does not welcome new enthusiasts. The art market, as one of a few closed markets, remains very exclusive and difficult to enter. These two hard facts have led me to disrupt this old system and challenge it by giving people a chance to learn more about art and participate via fashion.

flemmard is therefore a fashion label, that combines art and fashion and tries to bring art to people through different clothing products. The minimalistic logo and clean look of our shirts make them casual and wearable on an everyday basis. Every month a new product is being launched. To fulfill our mission to educate people more about art, the customer receives a certificate of provenance which certifies the originality of the product and includes a biography of the represented artist and an analysis of the artwork. By this, my team and I hope to increase the art and cultural awareness within our society.

Join me on my journey and spread art to the world!